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Bristlecone tree care is a new business but has 10 years of experience in the field of tree care.

We are climbers by nature, so becoming tree climbing arborists was a natural progression.

We have a deep love for the importance and beauty of trees and strive to promote proper tree care through education and community involvement. Just as in medicine, prescription before diagnosis is malpractice. The same can be said for tree care.

Bristlecone Tree Care is a combination of biology, art, engineering and athleticism all of which are continually evolving, just as trees are, to ensure that we continue to provide the highest level of tree care possible.  We are tree climbing specialists, accessing the inaccessible.

Bristlecone Tree Care is a member of the ISA Rocky Mountain Chapter and TCIA.

Dave Ludders

Owner | Arborist

Dave has two amazing daughters Lorali age 8 and Hazel age 3. He has lived in Colorado since 2001. Dave got his start in tree work while living and working in the forests around Lake City colorado. He has been a rock climber for 24years and has been climbing and caring for the trees around the valley for the past 4 years.

Jeremy Bisher

Owner | Arborist in training

Jeremy has a wife, Carolyn, three kids, Nevara 11, Griffen 9 and Max 5. Jeremy started climbing at age 12 and has been climbing and adventuring ever since. He moved to Colorado in 1999 and landed in Fort Collins. Jeremy met Dave in 01 and they have been friends and adventure partners since.

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