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Tree Pruning

Proper pruning is essential to the health and structure of your trees. We adhere to the ANSI 300 standard of pruning only taking out the dead, dying and dysfunctional branches that inhibit the health and structure of the tree.

We do not top or lion tail trees. Topping a tree is like giving a delayed death sentence to a tree. It opens up the tree to rot and disease and seriously affects the structure of the tree eventually killing it or turning it into a hazard for people and property making it necessary to remove it.

Lion tailing a tree is the act of stripping off all the lower branches, dead or alive, leaving only the top branches. Doing so greatly affects the balance of the tree making it more susceptible to failure. Proper pruning helps maintain health and structure of trees increasing the longevity and beauty of your trees.

Hazard Tree Removal

There are a number of reasons that a tree can become hazardous to people or property. We do not remove a tree unless there is an absolute reason for it. A lot of the time a tree can be saved or the longevity can be increased through proper pruning.

We offer hazard tree analysis to determine whether or not a tree has to come down. When a tree has to be removed we utilize state of the art equipment to safely lower sections of the tree to the ground eliminating damage to your property and minimizing the impact to your lawn. We pride ourselves on safety and efficiency during this process.

Forest Health Restoration/Fire Mitigation

Having a healthy forest surrounding your home reduces the risk of fire and helps promote a diverse ecosystem. Selectively thinning out trees and removing the deadfall from the forest floor reduces the chances of a fire spreading through the canopy and forest floor. It also encourages new growth of ground cover plants which helps in soil stabilization.

By chipping all the removed slash and broadcasting it in thin layers throughout the forest it helps speed up the decomposition process, building soil, aiding in moisture retention and helping with erosion. All these factors help promote a thriving ecosystem and healthy forest.

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